Policies – Daryana’s Backyard


Keeping Daryana’s Backyard a healthy environment for your pet is our highest priority. We take precautions by keeping our indoor and outdoor areas clean, and make sure that our furry clients are protected from sicknesses.

We require the following vaccinations to be administered by a Veterinarian only at least 7 days before bringing your dog:

  1. Rabies

  2. Distemper/Parvovirus

  3. Bordetella (a.k.a. Canine Cough)  *Please note:  If your dog has never received this vaccine or it is outdated, it must be administered at least 7 days before your dog attends daycare or boarding* 

  4. Leptospirosis

All dogs must also be on a flea and tick preventative and receive heartworm medication.

Puppies are accepted after their second set of vaccines have been administered, including Bordetella.

**Please, see request separate vaccine waiver form here.

***We resume the right to update our policies at anytime.

Shared Care at Home Visits

During Home visits, we need to know if someone else than yourself is in your home: a housekeeper, a roommate, a relative or anyone else. It is a liability for us when we care for your pets. It needs to be disclosed with personal details (name, contact information, relationship, etc..).

*Note: We resume the right to update our policies at anytime.


A two overnights minimum deposit payment is due at the time of booking to confirm the dog care reservation. A verbal agreement is not a reservation until the deposit has been made. There are limited spots available. There is a “first come, first serve “booking policy. If there is a delay in confirming a reservation, we might not be able to accommodate your needs. This may be because we got completely booked up. The remaining balance is due at the complition of service. Daryana’s Backyard reserves the right to cancel any prolonged pending unpaid deposit and reserves the right to accept another paying client. You should contact Daryana to re-confirm that your dates are still available prior to submitting payment if you didn’t secure your spot with the deposit right away.

*Note: We resume the right to update our policies at anytime.


As described above, no pet care service reservation spot will be held by verbal agreement without your paid deposit confirmed. If Daryana’s Backyard and you as the client have agreed upon an alternative payment, please disregard the above. The remaining balance is due  at the time of pick-up, or completion of service. Tips and gratuities are accepted and very much appreciated, but never expected or implied! If you have any questions or concerns regarding the booking process, payment terms, criteria for refund eligibility, cancellation and/or refund policies, please contact Daryana directly for assistance at daryanasbackyard@gmail.com. *Note: We resume the right to update our policies at anytime.

Payment Receipts & Invoices

Payment receipts and invoices are available upon request. Client has the option to request an emailed receipt through PayPal or Square (payment can also be submitted online directly through the invoice process but service processing fees will apply). To pay online by debit/credit card (through invoice) for pet care service will require you to submit your e-mail address to Daryana first, then we can create and send a formal online invoice, through PayPal or Square. If you would like a quote prior to booking, please contact Daryana directly at daryanasbackyard@gmail.com. A formal estimate, text message, or e-mail can be sent with a detailed outline and breakdown of the rates, total cost, etc. for the service and dates requested. *Note: We resume the right to update our policies at anytime.

Cancellation & Refund Policies

Refund Eligibility

This is not a side-hustle for us, it’s our full-time business, and how we make a living. This is why you should consider your cancellations and only ask for it if it’s an absolute necessity. Client is eligible for a 100% refund or credit of the deposit if the cancellation of service happens 7 calendar days prior to the start of service. Cancellation of any pet care service reservation with less than 7 calendar days notice will be non-refundable, but will be eligible for a one-time future service credit. We do not refund or credit for Holidays and high season weeks and weekends. We require a 60-day cancellation policy for holidays and high season.  We are not able to refund or credit early returns during holidays and peak seasons, either as we already have allocated our time to care for your pet(s).

We are not able to offer any refunds or credits for clients who are “no show no call” who do not give any notice of cancellation or who forget to give cancellation notice.

We are not able to offer any refunds or credits for early dismissals or departures. Clients are still responsible for full payment for the entire reservation duration that was initially scheduled, booked and held. Client is responsible to pay for the dates scheduled, even if there is an early dismissal or departure. Clients will still be billed and charged for pet care service for same day cancellations, last minute cancellations, early dismissals, and no shows. 

*Note: We resume the right to update our policies at anytime.

We Have Limited Space

Daryana’s Backyard is not a large commercial kennel or doggie day care & boarding facility. There is very limited space and scheduled time slots available. This is our full-time business, and how we make a living. Daryana’s Backyard accepts only a few clients at a time. Our payment terms and policies are in place to help protect against last minute cancellations and loss of business. If a client is not eligible for refund or credit and does not meet criteria, Daryana’s Backyard will do its best attempt to refill the spot last minute, where and if possible. If the spot can be filled, the client will receive refund or credit for the cancelled service. However, please keep in mind it is difficult to fill a spot last minute after turning down multiple clients. Most will have made other arrangements for pet care or will decide to not move forward with their travel plans. This is also a courtesy we will extend, not our policy to fill your spot, and should not be expected. *Note: We resume the right to update our policies at anytime.

Inclement Weather

We are still keeping our scheduled visits on bad weather days. We will modify the visit to keep your pet’s safety a priority, such as shorter outdoor time or switching to indoor play time. *Note: We resume the right to update our policies at anytime.


Regarding client refunds. Refunds will generally be processed within 7-10 business days, if not sooner or the day of. Holidays and high season weeks and weekends are not eligible for refunds. Clients will receive refunds in the original payment form and method in which it was submitted to Daryana’s Backyard. Any refund will be net of any service fee paid by Daryana’s Backyard. Cash refunds must be picked up in person. *Note: We resume the right to update our policies at anytime.


Clients also have the alternative option of turning the refund into a one-time credit. The credit can be used towards any future pet care service. The credit has no expiration date and is valid until used. Account credit issued can only be used once, canceling pet care service a second time will result in forfeiting the credit. If you chose to cancel your reservation for holidays and high season weeks and weekends, these days will not be eligible for credits. *Note: We resume the right to update our policies at anytime.

Holidays & High Season

There is NO holiday rate premium charged for pet care services for any of the holidays. But, This is not a side-hustle for us. We earn a living by taking care of your dogs. This is why we are asking you that you consider your holiday dog boarding needs very carefully. For pet care service reservations that fall on holidays or on the week of a holiday, especially in regards to dog boarding and day care services, the entire payment amount for services is due at the time of booking to confirm the pet care service reservation and secure the spot. Clients are encouraged to book and confirm three months in advance to secure a spot and to ensure availability for reservations that fall on major holidays. There are no verbal holds and we operate with a “first come first serve” booking policy. Please be aware, there is a greater chance of being turned away and your dates being unavailable, if there is any delay in booking and submitting payment confirmation of non-refundable deposit. Holidays and school breaks are the busiest time of the year for dog boarding services. There are more booking inquires and a greater demand than we can meet during these times. Daryana’s Backyard has a large loyal client base and limited spots available, therefore they fill up quickly and far in advance. *Note: We resume the right to update our policies at anytime.

Payment Method Information


ALSO AVAILABLE AT REQUEST: VENMO, PAYPAL (friends and family option – to avoid fees), CREDIT/DEBIT CARDS (processed via SQUARE, will require a 5% added to the final bill)

*Note: We resume the right to update our policies at anytime.

Daryana’s Backyard reserves the right to update, to change, modify or terminate any of the enclosed information, policies, and terms and conditions immediately without prior notification.